Innovation Assessment

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We have developed the Innovation Assessment, in partnership with insurance innovation consulting firm, Ninety, to help organisations identify key challenges, opportunities and potential partnerships.
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Insurance companies are under more pressure than ever to innovate. New challenges are continuously entering the world and therefore the world of insurance, and how organisations deal with these challenges is becoming increasingly more important.

Innovation is a key focus among insurance companies today, with many now investing significantly into innovating their processes, products, and services. Many insurance companies have undergone digital transformations, with significant changes to distribution channels and customer operations, and all have experienced challenges along the way.

To help insurance organisations identify challenges to innovation, and make recommendations to enhance innovation capability, we have partnered with the innovation consultancy firm, Ninety, to deliver the Innovation Assessment.

The Innovation Assessment focuses on seven success factors of innovation.  
Following a series of brief interviews, combined with a survey and competitor analysis, we will deliver a detailed report outlining your organisations key challenges, opportunities and recommendations relating to the seven success factors.
About Ninety
Ninety pride themselves on being the innovation experts for the insurance sector. Since being founded a decade ago, they've partnered with some of the world's leading insurance carriers, to help them innovate and thrive. Ninety works right across the insurance value chain, but mostly for global insurers and reinsurers.

"We believe insurance is fundamentally a force for social good. We also believe in the power of innovation and customer-centred change.

Our mission is to help insurers innovate and thrive, and our vision is a generation of insurers well equipped to serve and stabilise a fast-changing world."