Innovation Bootcamp

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Our Innovation Bootcamp teaches you how to transform business problems into validated solutions.


Participants from across our member organisations will learn innovation skills and tools while working together on a common problem.
Interactive and collaborative
Accessible to all levels of innovation expertise
Work on a real problem
Learn how to move from problems to ideas and how to test them rapidly
Taught by experienced practitioners
Global, across-class case studies
Tried and tested insurance innovation methodology
Repeatable process, easy to deploy on any new challenge

Learning Outcomes

The bootcamp will take place face-to-face over two days and is highly interactive. There will be an online introductory session two weeks beforehand, and coaching scheduled after the bootcamp.

As part of a small group of 12 participants, you’ll practice putting the methodology in use against a real-life problem space which we’ll carry through the training. There will be plenty of opportunity to collaborate and network with others, and to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Customer Centric Approaches

Apply customer-centric approaches to uncover customer needs and design products that are desirable

Identify and Refine Opportunities

Identify and refine opportunities for innovation and solve for them using idea generation techniques

Prioritise and Evaluate Ideas

Prioritise ideas and evaluate them using the three lenses of design thinking in order to reach a pass/fail/pivot decision

and Test

Identify critical elements of an idea and test them through rapid prototyping

Implement Key Mindsets

Recognise and practically implement three key mindsets for innovation
About Ninety
Ninety pride themselves on being the innovation experts for the insurance sector. Since being founded a decade ago, they've partnered with some of the world's leading insurance carriers, to help them innovate and thrive. Ninety works right across the insurance value chain, but mostly for global insurers and reinsurers.

"We believe insurance is fundamentally a force for social good. We also believe in the power of innovation and customer-centred change.

Our mission is to help insurers innovate and thrive, and our vision is a generation of insurers well equipped to serve and stabilise a fast-changing world."